CMC Overview

The Council of Motoring Clubs of WA (Inc) is a body which exists to represent and co-ordinate the interests of motoring clubs in WA. It has over 100 member clubs, including single marque clubs, multiple-interest clubs and specific model clubs, covering cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles.

It provides a forum for member clubs to discuss items of relevance to the movement and can act as a lobbying group when necessary. The CMC is aligned with similar groups nation-wide.

The CMC meets every second month where each club can have representation to express opinions, ask questions and be updated on progress on various issues the CMC handles. Each member club is entitled to have two representatives.

The CMC works closely with the Department of Transport in co-ordinating Code 404 Concessional Licensing which many of its member clubs have been granted, handling various aspects of this important element of club activities.

The annual Classic Car Show (run for the past 50 years), is co-ordinated by the CMC, with representatives from member clubs organizing this major event which attracts about 1000 cars in club displays.

A Calendar of Events is produced, listing major events which will be of interest to a variety of clubs. This is distributed with Minutes of Meetings along with other important advice to clubs.

The CMC encourages restoration and preservation of historic vehicles as a fundamental tenet.

Information compliled by Paul Blank.