2011 All Ford Day

The 2011 All Ford Day was another huge success for the Falcon GT Club of WA and Mustang Owners Club of WA with the show making over $30 000 available for Charity. The Committee decided this time to spread the money around a little and helped out 3 organisations - Heart Kids WA, SIDS for Kids and the WA Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade.

With SIDS for Kids a Car is an important tool for volunteers to get around and support families in a time of need, so the AFD Committee negotiated with McInerney Ford and by trading in the old SIDS for Kids vehicle, was able to purchase a new Ford Focus. This has provided SIDS volunteers with a good reliable vehicle to use for a few years.

Heartkids WA on the other hand were keen for the AFD to help them in a way that would help them generate a long term income. This was achieved by purchasing a sturdy trailer and decking it out with a BBQ and other equipment that can be used to run community BBQs. This trailer will also get used for events run by the organisation to give families a break from the stresses of living with a seriously ill child.

The 3rd orgnisation to receive assistance was the WA Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade and the AFD purchased protective uniforms for new members of a unit in the foothills of Perth.

In total just over $30 000 was spent helping these Charities. WA people helping WA people.